Blockout Curtains are an effective way to block the external light from a room. Perfect for shift workers, poor sleepers, and even home theatre rooms.

We have Blockout Curtains available in different fabrics to give you the look you are after. Blockout curtains can be lined, coated, or soft drape. Your choice will depend on the results you’re after, i.e. how dark you want or need a room to be and the look and ‘fall’ of the curtain. If you have restricted space in the room, these decisions are important. We have many years’ experience working with curtains and blinds and interior design. Our eye for design means that we can help you choose the right decorating style to fit your room and your taste. We can design a softer or fuller style using Blockout curtains.

Sheer curtains are our specialty at Lifestyle. Following current interior design trends, many customers now seek a sheer curtain option for their windows to create a stylish and softer look. Sheer fabrics are both elegant and functional and allow a certain level of privacy during the day. They are the perfect product to compliment new or existing roller blinds or block out curtains as they soften most spaces and give a sense of privacy and cosiness.  

We will help you select the perfect sheers from our large range of quality Linens, patterns, and blends

Make your life easier with Motorisation. Not only will we help you choose the right Curtains or Blinds to fit your style and interior, we can also install a motor for the ultimate in convenience.

We can install electric or battery-operated motorised Curtains and Blinds that are quiet and wireless. You will be able to control your interior Curtains or Blinds with a remote, your tablet, a smartphone, or even voice activated!     We have all the solutions to make things as easy as possible for you.

Motorised Curtains are recommended when the Curtains are too awkward to reach or they are too heavy to move manually. One tap or click is all it takes to create the comfort you want.

Motorisation is also ideal for privacy. Your Curtains can be set up to close or open automatically when you switch your lights on or off.

Plantation shutters are a simple and practical way to update any room in the house. Control of heat, light, ventilation, and privacy. Our Shutters are made of Basswood or PVC to the highest standards and come in a variety of colours to suit any space.

We only use the highest quality materials to produce the best quality products. This ensures the product lasts and requires minimal maintenance. With over 20 years’ experience in Window Coverings, consider Lifestyle as your number one choice when it comes to your home.

We offer a complete range of Roller Blinds to suit any window. We offer Blockout, Sunscreen and Translucent roller blinds.

Blockout roller blinds are ideal for and most commonly used in home theatre rooms, study rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Blockout blinds can be a great solution for poor sleepers, children, and shift workers. If your bedroom has a window that gets early unwanted sunlight, we can help! Our Blockout roller blinds can be made to block out almost all external light without compromising style. We have a large choice of fabric colours, patterns, and textures so you can have beauty and function!

Sunscreen Roller Blinds are great for letting in fresh air, natural light, and warmth whilst allowing you to still enjoy your view. Getting too much natural sunlight can make for an uncomfortable room and even cause fading to carpets, paintings, and furniture.

Translucent roller blinds are also known as light filtering blinds. If you need a soft light effect for a room, our translucent roller blinds could be ideal for you. Translucent roller blinds will also help reduce heat and sun glare.

Here are some of the benefits of translucent roller blinds:

  • They allow privacy and natural light; these roller blinds are not completely see-through so they are ideal for bathrooms.
  • Clean look and simple to operate. Unlike some style of curtains, blinds take up little space and can easily and quickly be opened part way to control lighting.
  • Our translucent roller blinds are made of high-quality durable fabric

These stylish blinds are easy to clean (wipe over with a wet cloth) and will not crumple or fade. We can supply translucent roller blinds in virtually any colour to compliment your décor.

If you thought all curtains and blinds were the same, let us show you different! Along with a wide variety of curtains and blinds, including manual and motorized blinds, we also specialise in modern roman blinds as a great alternative to traditional Curtains and Roller Blinds.

Roman blinds are designed to pleat as they are raised. These are constructed in either the traditional way with cords or the modern roller mechanism. These style of window coverings have been used effectively for centuries to provide practical and attractive way to cover window openings. Roman blinds are typically elegant and therefore suit a modern style home or a period style home. With our range of available fabrics, we can help you find something that is perfect for your home or space. We can also help you choose from endless possibilities around style and hardware (headboard, tracks, cords, chains, even motorized).

We will help make these decisions with our experience and in-depth knowledge. Once you have selected the fabric and style for your roman blinds and we have answered any questions you have, we will take thorough measurements then send you a detailed email with cost and timeframes.

While it is true that curtains and blinds can provide privacy from outside, they can also add beauty to a room and block out unsightly views. When you work with us, we will consider every aspect of your needs, so that we can present the best solutions for you.