Simple, Cost Effective solution for most rooms.

We offer a complete range of Roller Blinds to suit any window. We offer Blockout, Sunscreen and Translucent roller blinds.

Blockout roller blinds are ideal for and most commonly used in home theatre rooms, study rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Blockout blinds can be a great solution for poor sleepers, children, and shift workers. If your bedroom has a window that gets early unwanted sunlight, we can help! Our Blockout roller blinds can be made to block out almost all external light without compromising style. We have a large choice of fabric colours, patterns, and textures so you can have beauty and function!

Sunscreen Roller Blinds are great for letting in fresh air, natural light, and warmth whilst allowing you to still enjoy your view. Getting too much natural sunlight can make for an uncomfortable room and even cause fading to carpets, paintings, and furniture.

Translucent roller blinds are also known as light filtering blinds. If you need a soft light effect for a room, our translucent roller blinds could be ideal for you. Translucent roller blinds will also help reduce heat and sun glare.

Here are some of the benefits of translucent roller blinds:

  • They allow privacy and natural light; these roller blinds are not completely see-through so they are ideal for bathrooms.
  • Clean look and simple to operate. Unlike some style of curtains, blinds take up little space and can easily and quickly be opened part way to control lighting.
  • Our translucent roller blinds are made of high-quality durable fabric

These stylish blinds are easy to clean (wipe over with a wet cloth) and will not crumple or fade. We can supply translucent roller blinds in virtually any colour to compliment your décor.