Add Style and Elegance to any room

If you thought all curtains and blinds were the same, let us show you different! Along with a wide variety of curtains and blinds, including manual and motorized blinds, we also specialise in modern roman blinds as a great alternative to traditional Curtains and Roller Blinds.

Roman blinds are designed to pleat as they are raised. These are constructed in either the traditional way with cords or the modern roller mechanism. These style of window coverings have been used effectively for centuries to provide practical and attractive way to cover window openings. Roman blinds are typically elegant and therefore suit a modern style home or a period style home. With our range of available fabrics, we can help you find something that is perfect for your home or space. We can also help you choose from endless possibilities around style and hardware (headboard, tracks, cords, chains, even motorized).

We will help make these decisions with our experience and in-depth knowledge. Once you have selected the fabric and style for your roman blinds and we have answered any questions you have, we will take thorough measurements then send you a detailed email with cost and timeframes.

While it is true that curtains and blinds can provide privacy from outside, they can also add beauty to a room and block out unsightly views. When you work with us, we will consider every aspect of your needs, so that we can present the best solutions for you.