Our most asked questions about Curtains and Blinds

We put together our most commonly asked questions about curtains and blinds. Our professional experience in custom curtains and blinds goes back to 2001! Whatever style you want or practical solution you need, we can make it happen. We work with private clients and commercial clients, bringing our service to you. We come to you anywhere in the south eastern suburbs of Sydney.


Most of our Curtains are installed in 4 weeks after Check Measure. All Curtains are professionally check measured to make sure that they fit the window properly and the installer will have everything required on the day. This will ultimately save you time and worry.

The fabrics and tracks are ordered straight after we have the Check measure information. Most fabrics are available but imported fabrics or speciality fabrics may take longer. The curtains are manufactured within 2 weeks of reaching our Factory, then we will contact you to arrange a time to come out. Our experience is that this is often 5 weeks as this includes our Installers arrangements with you and your busy schedule.

If you have special dates or requirements, please ask as we can often accommodate a speedier arrangement. For example, your Real Estate Agent suggests that Sheer Curtains will really help make the home look lighter and modern and you want to get the home on the market in 2 weeks! Just ask, we have done this and helped sell the home for a record price!

Fabrics each come with care codes and this is important for people to understand. Lined Curtains and Coated Curtains need different washing instructions. Not all Dry Cleaners are equal. Not all fabrics are lined with fabrics with compatible care codes to the fabrics that they line. Plus as Curtains are getting larger with higher windows and Architecturally designed homes, the cleaning is a bigger job and even rehanging the curtains after cleaning is more difficult.

There are different fabrics on the market that will provide block out or room darkening. These products can be lined, coated or soft drape. The choice will provide different fabric will provide different results for room darkness, softness to fall of the curtain and look of the curtain. This can be important if you have restricted space in the room, if you’re a shift worker or poor sleeper, if your decorating style would benefit from a softer or fuller style of curtain. I will go over all this information with examples of fabrics to illustrate this and back this up with an email to describe all this with the constraints of your situation in mind.

I am often asked about Curtain Laundering and washing.

We are experienced in all Curtain and Blind Styles and Fabrics on the Market. We have done many homes and understanding the needs and aesthetic of the window is my passion. I will go through all the Curtain styles – Pinch Pleat, Wave, Knife Pleat, Box Pleat, European Pleat so that you will understand the difference. I will also explain linings and coated products a difference these have in Block Out and Sound Reduction. Finally, hardware, I carry samples of all the popular hardware and can show you the difference and the effect this will have on the operation and look of the curtains. We never want the curtains to be installed and you were not sure of what you were receiving.

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